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Kids Martial Arts near Mayfair

Kids Kongz Taekwondo

At Mac's Gym, our Kids Martial Arts classes combine discipline, respect, and leadership skills into one high-energy program. We offer training for students ages 4 to 11 all across Chicago. Learn more today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Mayfair

Teen & Adult Taekwondo

Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts classes offer professional instruction that doesn't leave anyone behind. We're helping people all across Chicago find success one step at a time. All experience levels are welcome! Join us at Mac's Gym and get started on weight loss, lean muscle gain, self-defense training, and a healthier lifestyle.

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Kids Martial Arts near Mayfair

Muay Thai / Kickboxing

Our Muay Thai and K-1 Kickboxing classes teach you how to strike with every limb of your body and generate power and speed from any position. We're helping people of all fitness levels find success and we can't wait for you to be next.

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Kids Martial Arts near Mayfair

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

An amazing workout and iron-clad self-defense skills are at your fingertips with Mac's Gym. Our unique style of Jiu-Jitsu will teach you the most effective self-defense in the world while building your muscle and improving your day-to-day life with increased health and happiness.

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Kids Martial Arts near Mayfair

Private Lessons

Are you looking for a training program that is built around your unique goals? Then look no further than our Private Training Lessons at Mac's Gym, where you'll have access to the best instruction in Chicago, from Chicago and surrounding areas in the form of an individualized program that is designed just for you.

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L-Jilla Tabano

Coach Mac has an encouraging coaching style. He's a true student of the game and a passionate martial artist. If you're a combat sports dork, you'll appreciate the unique mix of Dutch Kickboxing, Chin...

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Natalie Younger

Love this place. Whether you have zero experience or fight competitively, you'll learn so much from Coach Mac. All of the instructors are passionate and patient, helping each student pick up new techn...

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Caleb Mroz

Excellent. Had a great time even with just first session. Been boxing for a couple years and coach Mac helped me refine and improve. I’m not perfect, far from it but coach mac is super patient, ...

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I'm on my 4th week at Macs Gym, I go 4-6 times a week and I must say after visiting many other gyms, this gym and the people I have met there feel like family! I originally came just for a workout and...

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Jeremiah Young

I was only there for a short time until my injury. However, he has the best teaching style that i have seen and is very patient with you. It doesn't matter if you are an expert of novice. He works wit...

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Maggie Lopez

Coach Mac is very knowledgeable and he is a great teacher. He makes sure to walk you through each technique and will help you perfect your form at your own pace. Whether you are experienced, or new to...

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Join the Family at Mac's Gym

Our team here at Mac's Gym wants all of our students to feel their best, physically and mentally. That’s why we have spent years crafting our Martial Arts programs to be the top choice in Chicago, so you or your child can increase confidence, self-discipline, and get stronger. Martial Arts can help you become your best self, and we’re here to help you reach that goal!

Individuals of all ages across Chicago, from Chicago, Albany Park and beyond trust our professional, encouraging, and dedicated instructors to guide them in their Martial Arts journey. We have an amazing community of students and staff that are always uplifting one another. Our Martial Arts classes offer a great workout while inspiring you.

If you’re curious about what makes our Martial Arts classes so great, talk with us today! We would love to tell you what makes Mac's Gym the best in all of Chicago.

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Do I have to be in good shape before I start training with Mac's Gym?

No, you will get into shape as you train. We have a series of exercises you will learn as you progress through the curriculum, which will enable you to perform the self defense techniques in the ring or the street.

I am very busy with my work schedule. How much time do I need to devote to classes?

Two to three 1-hour classes per week are recommended, as is practicing at home. If you want more individualized attention as you progress through the curriculum, we offer 1-hour private lessons which can help further progress your skills.

What equipment do I need for kickboxing class?

For your first class, just bring yourself and some clothes to work out in and we will provide the rest. After that, you will need to purchase hand wraps, gloves, Muay Thai shin guards, and (for men) a cup. Those are the only things that are required for class. If you would like, you can also get a mouth guard and head gear for more intense sparring sessions. You can also buy your own jump rope if you prefer to not use the ones that the gym provides.

Is TaeKwonDo just for kids?

Absolutely not. We have both kids and adult TaeKwonDo programs. The organization we are involved in, TaeKwonDo America, actually has a large amount of adult members. Many MMA fighters are also black belts. If you want to compete, TaeKwonDo is a great place to start. TaeKwonDo is also a good program for adults who want to set goals for themselves and work toward each belt.

Am I too old to begin martial arts training?

No, you are not too old to begin martial arts training. Many people have the misconception that you have to start young to be successful. In truth, martial arts focus not only on the physical apsects, but the mental as well. It's never too late to learn something new and begin improving your lifestyle.

How long does it take to achieve a black belt in TaeKwonDo?

Between two and three years, depending on the time you have to devote to progressing in your TaeKwonDo skills. Black belts signify that you have mastered the basics, so you will achieve your black belt once you reach that level of mastery, no matter how long it takes.

Do I have to register my hands when I become a black belt?

No, that is an urban myth. Martial artists are not required to register their hands.

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